Disturbing noise in door panel

Typical armrest at the inner door panel

Loud armrest: Prevent disturbing noise in the door panel with OSIXO®

To avoid squeak and rattle at the connection point from door panel to armrest a large Tier 1 supplier relies on OSIXO® OS 05. This fluorinated high performance oil from Costenoble lives up to the obsolete name “armrest”.

Typical anti-squeak application in the vehicle interior

The typical sources of disturbing noise in the vehicle interior are friction points between components consisting of different materials. In the present case a plastic armrest is to be fastened to a door panel covered with fabric. While driving both components are set into different vibrations, which leads to the formation of disturbing noise at the friction points.

High demands call for special lubricants

Lowering the frictional resistance of both material surfaces can effective and sustainably prevent the formation of disturbing noise. Further requirements: high material compatibility, broad operational temperature range, colourlessness and odourlessness and a low migration rate of volatile substances. Because of the high demands and the fact that it should be a liefetime lubrication the choice fell on OSIXO OS 05. Examined in extensive tests this by the manufacturer well-known product has performed completely convincingly.

Universal PFPE problem solvers wil still be first choice in the future

OSIXO® OS 05 has been able to prevent recent problems due to disturbing noise. Also in the future this versatile coating will be used in the components for other models and manufacturers.

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