Fit for Future: OSIXO OS 05 ECO with low GWP value

One of the most successful products of the past is now optimally equipped for the future.

OSIXO OS 05 has for many years been an integral part in automobile manufacturing. Especially for the removal of squeak and rattle noise in the vehicle interior this fluorinated oil has proven its worth. It is used wherever high material compatibility, durable and reliable efficiency as well as low evaporation and a broad operational temperature range are required.

New product generation

Under the name OSIXO OS 05 ECO a new generation of this multi-purpose problem solver is now being launched on the market. This new product variant has allowed for using a new solvent to reduce the GWP value from 320 zo 60.

GWP value as indicator

The GWP (Global warming potential) of a chemical substance indicates its relative contribution to the greenhouse effect. It describes the influence that the material has on the average warming effect of the earth’s atmosphere over a certain period of time.

Meeting future requirements

OSIXO OS 05 ECO especially aims at users who would like or have to take account of the increasing sense of responsibility towards the environment. For the way to arrive at a low-emission and environmentally friendly automobile requires a rethink from all participants involved in the production chain. With OSIXO OS 05 ECO Costenoble is able to contribute to achieving that.

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