OSIXO® OS 05 ECO is a high-quality synthetic special coating for many materials and material combinations. The further development of OSIXO® OS 05, which has been known and proven in the automotive industry for many years, is used to prevent squeaking and creaking noises. It is used wherever high material compatibility, permanent and reliable prevention of noise, low migration of volatile substances and a wide operating temperature range are required.
By using a new solvent, the GWP value could be reduced from 320 to 60. The GWP (Global warming potential) of a chemical substance indicates the relative contribution of the substance to the greenhouse effect.
The special formulation of OSIXO® OS 05 ECO makes the product easy to spray. Very thin, functional film thicknesses (5-10 µm) can be achieved.
OSIXO® OS 05 ECO is aimed at users who want to take into account the increased sense of responsibility towards the environment.

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Product details

Product Name OSIXO OS 05 ECO
Manufacturer Costenoble
Product category Oil
Appearance Transparent liquid
Minimal Temperature '-36 °C
Density at 20°C 1,43-1,50 g/qcm
Flash Point > 300 °C

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