New high-performance coating for metal gaskets

MOLYKOTE® D-6900: Exhaust manifold coating

MOLYKOTE® D-6900 is the latest Anti-Friction-Coating from DuPont™.

This heat-curing dry-film lubricant has been designed especially for metal gaskets in high-temperature areas.

Reduction of emissions to fulfill Euro 6 standards

MOLYKOTE® D-6900 has been developed especially for use in exhaust manifold gaskets to help reduce emissions sustainably. The coating offers microsealing properties and increases the sealing effect in high-temperature areas. As a result less exhaust fumes escape through the gasket and the overall emission rate decreases.

Microsealing coating for high temperature load

MOLYKOTE® D-6900 smoothes microscopic irregularities on metal surfaces and so provides improved sealing effects. MOLYKOTE® D-6900 is resistant to temperatures up to 600 °C. Extensive tests have shown that even at temporary thermal loads of 700 °C there is hardly any loss of performance.

Numerous advantages

MOLYKOTE® D-6900 is highly resistant to motor oil and coolants. It effectively and sustainably prevents metal surfaces from microwelding and avoids stress cracking. MOLYKOTE® D-6900 has good acid and solvent resistance and high load-carrying capacity. It adheres especially well to metal surfaces providing them with a low friction coefficient.

Easy and safe processing

MOLYKOTE® D-6900 can be applied by coil coating up to a film thickness of 16 to 20 μm. So it is suitable for volume production and can be used in the normal processing procedure without any additional work steps. MOLYKOTE® D-6900 is free from NMP/NEP.

Further applications

MOLYKOTE® D-6900 can be applied easily and safely and prevents the welding of metal/metal combinations at high temperatures. It can also be used in sliding contact with slow to moderately fast movements and high loads. Therefore MOLYKOTE® D-6900 is suitable for further applications especially in high-temperature areas.

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