😷 Latest information regarding the Coronavirus (10/2020)

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> Overview of global expansion (Source: CSSE)

Update from October 2020

Currently we have not been made aware of any limitations in the ability of our suppliers to deliver as a result of the renewed increasing number of Corona infections worldwide. The current status for raw materials and additives required for the production of our goods is that they are not subject to any limitations or delivery delays.

We are carefully observing the current developments. The safety measures introduced at the beginning of the year to protect our workers – and thus also for securing supplier and service continuity – are partially still in force or will be returned to the state they were in in spring as soon as we see the need and appropriate recommendations of the responsible authorities have been issued.

Furthermore, we will publish all information from our suppliers about changes that arise related to possible supply limitations caused by Corona using our usual communication channels without delay. We will also inform the customers affected by the potential supply delays as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, we will continue to exercise the appropriate level of caution in our activities in order to prevent a deterioration in the situation and to allow the continuity of support for our customers and the maintenance of our ability to deliver.

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