OSIXO-ANTI-SQUEAK Aerosol: Special oil with signal effect

A leading manufacturer of optical devices has trusted in OSIXO®ANTI-SQUEAK Aerosol to lubricate his O-rings. This fluorinated special oil is applied in sealing rings which give the movable parts in the devices a tightness level of up to IPX7. With this water protection rating the components remain safe from damage after short submersion (up to 30 minutes at a water depth of 1m).

Rotary motion makes coating necessary

The high sealing degree restricts the rotary movement of the turning parts so that an anti-friction coating is inevitable. For the time being pre-coated sealing rings have been applied. Looking for an alternative the manufacturer tested several coatings.

Products containing silicone are not suitable

Due to potential deposits an optically sensitive areas a product containing silicone was not an option. Therefore they decided on the fluorinated OSIXO®ANTI-SQUEAK Aerosol. Apart from a low evaporation rate it provides extraordinary sliding properties and a high material compatibility.

OSIXO®ANTI-SQUEAK Aerosol has shown convincing test results

In a long-term test OSIXO®ANTI-SQUEAK Aerosol was compared with the currently applied and coated O-rings. In a climatic cabinet the devices were tested with 200 cycles at temperatures between -30 °C and 90 °C. As a result “those O-rings treated with OSIXO®ANTI-SQUEAK Aerosol passed the test much better than the currently installed O-rings”, says the responsible product designer.

Quality prevails

“The sliding capacity (after the test) is still absolutely sufficient (…), whereas our current O-rings hardly have any gliding properties left.” For the product designer “it is clear that OSIXO®ANTI-SQUEAK Aerosol is much better than what we have available now.”

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