Drinking Water Release for MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound

Drinking Water Release for MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound

Our drinking water is the best controlled kind of food

From the source to the tap it is subject to permanent quality controls. All components for the extraction, processing and distribution of drinking water have to fulfill high standards as to quality and durability, which are regulated in the national drinking water ordinance (TrinkwV). The realization is based on various recommendations, sets of rules and guidelines. One of them is the so-called KTW guideline of the Federal Environment Agency.

KTW-guideline of the Federal Environment Agency sets the standard

That guideline serves for the hygienic evaluation of organic materials in contact with drinking water and defines the standard values and inspection specifications regarding the suitability of the materials. In accordance to those standards all components and substances which are to receive KTW approval must not change the smell, taste and clearness of the water running through. Also, discoloration or foam formation must be excluded. Particular attention is paid to the chemical stability of the materials and the emission of foreign substances to the water flowing through. On the basis of the formula disclosed by the manufacturer the migration values of certain ingredients are determined and defined. Approved basic and auxiliary materials as well as additives are recorded in a positive list.

In addition to the KTW approval for drinking water an approval according to the DVGW worksheet W 270 is required, which includes testing whether the materials in question support microbial growth.

Certified products ensure safety

The suitability of MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound as to the KTW-guideline has anew been confirmed by the Hygienic Institute of the Ruhr in Gelsenkirchen. According to the “Certificate of Conformity relating to the hygienic suitability for drinking water” MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound, as a lubricant for sanitary facilities, fulfills the requirements on plastics in contact with drinking water. Moreover, the globally recognized laboratory Eurofins has checked and confirmed the chemical formulation for placing it on the positive list.

The certificates are limited in time and are mostly issued for only a few years because of permanently changing requirements and conditions, new materials and new scientific findings about substances and their effects on the human organism.

Drinking water supply is a milestone in the history of civilization

Our drinking water has food quality. We use it for drinking or for the production of beverages and the preparation of foodstuff. The constant and safe supply of drinking water is one of the great achievements of the western and eastern industrial nations. To achieve this standard in all countries around the world is an important task for the whole of mankind.

MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound suitable for contact with drinking water

The neuralgic points where contaminations of drinking water may occur are places at which water is stationary for a longer time, where it gets in touch with the “outside world” and where it has contact with components, which have to be lubricated because of constructive circumstances or for further processing. To avoid contamination issues, the use of a reliable and certified lubricant in taps and valves is inevitable. MOLYKOTE® 111 Compound is a lubricant and sealant providing excellent water resistance and good stability against most chemicals. It is particularly used in household appliances like automatic coffee machines or espresso machines and for the lubrication of valves and fittings. It is also suitable for the industrial water distribution as well as for outdoor areas.

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