Electric mobility is gaining acceptance

Based on a survey of the energy company E-ON the interest in buying electric vehicles is growing.

The change to electric vehicles is picking up speed.

According to the survey, 66 percent of the respondents can currently imagine choosing an electric car when purchasing a new vehicle. This is an increase of two percentage points compared to the previous year.

Highest approval rates in Berlin and Bremen

In both cities the approval rate is at 71 percent, closely followed by Hessen and Rhineland-Palatinate with 70 percent each. The lowest readiness to change to an electric vehicle can be found in Thuringia. Only 46 percent of the respondents there expressed their agreement.

More men than women, more families than singles

In terms of approval by gender, men, at 74 per cent, are clearly ahead of women, whose rate of readiness was only at 59 percent. At 78 percent, families show high approval for vehicles with electric drives. This rate is only exceeded by owners of photovoltaic systems. Here, 82 percent of the interviewees stated they could imagine purchasing an electric vehicle.

Climate protection as the main reason

As to the reasons for switching to an electric car the topics of sustainability and climate protection are named first, followed by buyer’s premium, tax benefits and the argument that these vehicles display the technology of the future. Compared to the previous year all those reasons have gained in importance. Only the reason of evading driving bans in the cities by buying an electric car has decreased in significance.

Extended range required

Regarding the desired range of the vehicles, more people were in favour of ranges over 500 km. Here, the approval rose from 30 to 39 percent. Lower ranges between 400 and 500 km were considered sufficient by only 26 percent of the respondents. In the last survey, it was still 29 percent who preferred such a range.

Less than half of the respondents have made their own experience

41 percent of the interviewees stated that they had already had a ride in an electric car. 22 percent of them as a driver, 19 percent as a passenger. The respondents were also open to other electronic means of transport. Around one fifth of them said they owned an e-scooter or were planning to buy one.

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