Costenoble’s Subsidiary CorPro GmbH takes over the prestigious Corrosion Protection Brand Tectyl

The Costenoble family is expanding. The newly founded subsidiary CorPro GmbH will henceforth steer the fortunes of the traditional brand Tectyl.
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Acquisition to the advantage of the customers

CorPro GmbH acquires the brand, products, and distribution in the EMEA region from the major American corporation Valvoline, promising its customers more flexibility, faster response, and greater reliability through a focus on the core Tectyl business and flat corporate structures.

Transformation beyond the turn of the year

The initial steps of the acquisition should be completed by the end of the year. The transition of business processes from Valvoline to CorPro GmbH is expected to be completed at the beginning of next year.

Short-Term improvement and long-term goals

Initially, business processes will be coordinated and adjusted for the smooth takeover of customers. The medium-term goal of CorPro GmbH is to optimize production and delivery capabilities. In the long term, the Tectyl brand is to be expanded and established as a leading brand for corrosion protection. In addition, the technical development of the products is in focus.

Independence from the parent company

CorPro GmbH operates independently and autonomously from Costenoble. Nevertheless, some synergistic effects benefit both companies and customers. In addition to some employees, CorPro GmbH also acquires laboratory and research resources to further develop the products.

Getting proven products ready for the future

The Tectyl products have been on the market for decades and have proven themselves in numerous applications. However, even traditional products must meet increased requirements. Therefore, CorPro GmbH will bundle all newly acquired experiences and existing knowledge to future-proof the products.

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