Molykote® for smooth legs

Molykote® for smooth legs

A renowned manufacturer of razors was looking for a reliable lubricant for a new epilator. The high-end device was supposed to perform also under running water. The combination of very small quickly rotating components, different materials, flowing water and residues of hair and skin particles turned out to be considerably problematic for the lubricants tested before. In addition the lubricant was expected to have very good adhesive properties and to perform throughout the entire service life of the device.

Molykote® G-1502 FM has managed to fulfill all the requirements imposed on the lubricant.

The material, which had formerly been designed for small, open and closed bearings, performed convincingly in all tests. It was resistant to water wash-out, created a safe barrier against ingress of water into the sensitive epilator components, it was compatible with all other materials used and provided permanent and long-lasting lubrication.

This product that is also approved for the contact with drinking water was checked in more detail in further testing procedures. By now there has not been any test series which has been able to push Molykote® G-1502 to its performance limits. After the completion of the test series Molykote® G-1502 will be applied not only in the recent but also in the future models of the manufacturer.

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